Drinking Water System Support

Drinking water systems are subject to rigorous standards for system design, operation, contingency planning, and monitoring. AARCHER provides expert support in complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR), National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations (NSDWR), state and local laws and regulations, and agency policy.

  • Sanitary surveys
  • Condition surveys
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M) plans
  • Drinking monitoring water plans
  • Monitoring and reporting evaluations
  • Level 1 and 2 assessments
  • Potable water source evaluations (surface water, spring development, well)
  • Potable water treatment evaluations (design, operation, maintenance, management)
  • Potable water distribution and pump evaluations
  • Potable water finished water storage evaluations
  • Emergency response plans
  • Compliance consulting and training

AARCHER has been inspecting public drinking water systems for more than 20 years. As a result, we understand the regulatory and practical requirements of managing small and medium drinking water systems, including systems in remote locations. Our team is experienced in:

  • surveying groundwater, surface water, and hauled water systems
  • adapting to fluctuations in water system use for seasonal systems (i.e., startup, shutdown, state requirements/exceptions for seasonally operated systems)
  • addressing the regulatory implications of being a transient noncommunity public water system; a nontransient noncommunity public water system; or a community water system based on regulatory definition
  • assimilating state requirements for hauled water providers; and
  • incorporating OSHA requirements for employees consuming water provided from “nonregulated” water systems.

AARCHER has been on the leading edge of rolling out new requirements for drinking water systems, such as Revised Total Coliform Rule requirements.

AARCHER staff includes a diverse team of engineers, scientists, environmental managers, and support specialists. We have proven expertise in site evaluations, sanitary surveys, and troubleshooting; drinking water monitoring plan development and updates; water system personnel training; records review; state regulatory research and compliance negotiation; report preparation; compliance assistance, and more. We maintain a pool of talented staff and consultant experts to efficiently adjust staffing levels and assemble project teams.

Facility compliance assistance is an AARCHER core capability. To maintain a current understanding of environmental and safety regulations and innovative compliance strategies, AARCHER and its staff maintain membership and participation in numerous professional societies, including the American Water Works Association, Institute of Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM certification board), Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications (Certified Professional Environmental Auditor [CPEA] board), Air and Waste Management Association, American Society of Safety Engineers, Colorado Safety Association, Council on America’s Military Past, Environmental Assessment Association, Environmental Compliance Assistance Providers Forum & Conferences, International Association of Impact Assessment, National Association of Home Builders, National Fire Protection Association, National Safety Council, and the Society of American Military Engineers.

Sanitary Surveys of Drinking Water Systems (Wyoming)

AARCHER has completed more than 40 sanitary surveys of drinking water systems, as an agent of EPA. As part of this work, AARCHER provides Revised Total Coliform Rule Level 1 and Level 2 Assessments, as required. To support this work, AARCHER staff participates in regular EPA sanitary survey training in person and works directly with the EPA rule managers.

Condition Surveys of Drinking Water Systems

AARCHER conducts drinking water system condition surveys for the USDA Forest Service, which operates more than 5,000  systems. AARCHER has completed approximately 20 surveys for these federally owned systems.

Water Monitoring Plans

AARCHER has developed 25 drinking water monitoring plans for both public and nonpublic water systems. These plans address compliance with all site-specific SDWA rules. AARCHER plans always include site-specific contact information, customized public notification forms, and rule contacts at the applicable regulatory agency.

Drinking Water Handbooks and Guidance

AARCHER prepares comprehensive drinking water system handbooks for its federal clients. The handbooks address system classification, coliform sampling, sampling and preservation, ground water rule, surface water, GWUDISW, hauled water, public notification, sanitary survey, troubleshooting, system disinfection, start up, certified operators, monitoring plan, filtration, point of use / treatment, water system design, well construction, spring development, system construction, and cross connection.