Aarcher Advantages

AARCHER is an award-winning environmental and safety consulting firm dedicated to helping clients manage risks, engage in effective environmental planning, and achieve internal environmental performance goals.

Our pragmatic approach is valued by a growing list of industrial, commercial, and government clients facing environmental and safety challenges. Since 1997, we have been selected for more than 5,000 assignments in all states and territories, from Maine to California, and from Puerto Rico to inside Alaska’s Arctic Circle.

  • Industrial Clients appreciate our streamlined approach and ability to quickly assign a team well-qualified to meet each clients’ specific needs. We are experienced working in many industries, including air transportation, railroad transportation, pharmaceuticals, communications, seafood processing, dairy processing, mining, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.
  • Commercial Clients benefit from our expertise in risk assessment, experience completing thousands of due diligence environmental investigations, and ability to evaluate both safety and environmental regulatory compliance while offering rapid corrective action support.
  • Federal Agencies turn to AARCHER as a well-established small business (NAICS 541620) prime contractor providing best value services by aligning staff resources to agency requirements, and by assembling and managing teams of carefully selected partner firms. Since 1997, we have supported more than 25 federal and state agencies. AARCHER can be accessed through several existing contract vehicles, including the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) (00CORP) Categories 899-1 (Environmental Consulting Services) and 899-3 (Environmental Training).