Managed Environmental Compliance Services

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Environmental Compliance. Done.

  • Managed regulatory compliance
  • Reduced Costs
  • Flat fees

Focus on production by engaging our compliance team to take on responsibility for EH&S compliance functions. Your dedicated compliance manager will maintain consistent compliance and keep you informed, at a fixed monthly fee.

What do you mean by “Managed Environmental Compliance Services”?

managed services managerMaintaining compliance with environmental regulations is as necessary part of your operations, but your primary focus needs to remain on production and profit-generating activities. Many organizations assign environmental compliance responsibilities as collateral duties to existing staff, or hire additional staff to ensure compliance requirements are met. However, you might also consider the benefits of acquiring those functions by contract.

We have worked closely with in-house EH&S managers for the past 20 years and understand the challenges they face. Operating within an individual organization, it can be difficult to remain aware of changing Federal and state regulations (there were more than 1,000 in the past 12 months); conceive of more efficient management solutions (exposure to colleagues in other industries helps); and routinely access specialized expertise. To help these EH&S staff members, we began offering regulatory training long ago (see This training has helped more than 5,000 environmental compliance managers build skills and track changing requirements.

There may be a better way to protect your organization and successfully manage environmental compliance.

AARCHER can meet all of your environmental compliance requirements, for a flat monthly rate. This is accomplished using staff assigned to your facility, ranging from a single part-time manager to a team of onsite full-time staff. These on-site compliance specialists are supported with ongoing training, access to subject matter specialists, backup personnel, and a group of environmental compliance colleagues to stay connected to regulatory changes, industry developments, and emerging trends. Where existing staff are already in place, AARCHER can transition them to the new approach to ensure institutional knowledge and existing capabilities are retained.

What are the benefits?

  • managed services 2Demonstration of a commitment to environmental compliance and proactive environmental management
  • Reduced overall costs, at a flat rate
  • Controlled risk
  • Retention of existing EH&S staff
  • Dedicated single point of contact with access to a range of resources, including all AARCHER subject matter experts, training, model plans, and more
  • Institutionalized programs controls disruption from staff turnover
  • Avoid staff recruiting fess, and management time hiring, training, and managing staff
  • Recordkeeping system
  • Temporary backups for on-site staff
  • Identification of new best practices to save costs and improve environmental performance
  • Support for internal audit programs and internal initiatives
  • Integration and support for ISO 14001 EMS implementation
  • Ability to smoothly scale program as operations change
  • Regular management progress reports
  • Flexible implementation strategies responsive to your input

How do we get started?

The first step is simply a preliminary discussion to explore your operations, general environmental requirements, existing staff and resources, and organizational goals. Based on this information, we can work together to consider costs and whether Aarcher’s Managed Environmental Services is a smart choice given all of these factors.

If you so choose, the next step will be for Aarcher to prepare a Transition Plan to guide the move to the new management approach, and an operating agreement documenting the functions to be managed under this program. You will have the opportunity to comment on and adjust both plans, to ensure they meet your expectations, before they are implemented.
To discuss your needs and Managed Environmental Compliance Services, contact Craig Schwartz, at 410-897-9100 x100.